How to Save Money on Your Move

Created January 12, 2015

Moving is not only a time-consuming process; it can also be very expensive. Hiring a professional moving service can cost thousands of dollars and, unless your company is paying for the move, that may be an expense you simply can’t afford. Luckily, there are a number of simple things you can do to save money on your move.
Tips for Saving Money on a Move

Use a Portable Storage Unit
Hiring a moving service costs an average of $3,500 according to recent reports. Even if you were to rent a large moving truck and drive it yourself, you could be paying several hundred dollars plus an extra charge per mile. One of the most affordable ways to move these days is to use a portable storage unit, like Mobile on the Spot Storage in Greensboro, NC. Portable storage units are delivered to your home, where you pack them yourself then call to have them picked up when you are ready to move.

Ask Friends and Family for Help
Why spend thousands of dollars hiring professional movers when you can solicit the help of an army of friends and family for the cost of pizza and beer? When selecting friends and family to help with the move, make sure to pick people you can trust with your belongings. Having someone who can lift your heaviest items but bangs them off walls on the way out of the house may not be worth it.
Be Creative in Packing
Moving supplies, like boxes, moving blankets, packing paper, and bubble wrap, can be very expensive, so you may want to consider some creative alternatives to these items. Save up old newspapers and ask your friends to contribute some of theirs so you have plenty of materials for packing up your fragile items. Use your bath towels and blankets in place of moving blankets to protect your furniture and check your local bulk food store for extra boxes.

Make Use of All Available Space
Renting a portable storage unit may not provide you with as much space as the giant trucks used by professional moving services, so you need to make efficient use of the space available to you. Load your largest, heaviest items in the back of the unit first, then stack lighter boxes on top of them. Keep an inventory as you go and clearly label each box so you can find your items later if you need them. Click here for more tips on packing your portable storage unit.
It’s true — moving can be expensive. How expensive your move is, however, is up to you. If you follow some of the tips listed above, you can save yourself a great deal of money, not to mention time and hassle, on your move.