5 Tips for Packing Your Mobile Storage Unit

Created January 1, 2015

No matter how you look at it, moving is a hassle. Packing up all of your belongings just to transport them and then unpack them again takes a great deal of time and money. There are, however, a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the task of packing your mobile storage unit easier — you’ll find these tips listed below:

1. Use All the Space Available

Mobile on the Spot Storage units come in three different sizes — 8×10, 8×15, and 8×16 — so choose the size that is right for you and make use of all the space available. This means placing heavy, sturdy items on the floor and stacking lighter objects on top of them. Check for stability as you go to make sure that nothing shifts during the move.

2. Create an Aisle

Whether you are using a portable storage unit to store your belongings during a remodel or you are packing up the house for a move, you’ll want to make sure you can still access your items if you need to. You will begin packing your unit at the back, but you would be wise to leave an aisle down the middle so you can still access those items — you can fill in the aisle before you close up the unit to move it.

3. Conserve Space Where Possible

Playing off of tip number 1, try to conserve as much space as you can in order to maximize the available storage space. This means placing linens and blankets in drawers or cupboards, sliding smaller boxes under chairs, and positioning your furniture so it takes up as little space as possible in the portable storage unit.

4. Label Everything

While you are packing everything up, you may think that you’ll remember exactly what went into each box, but when it comes time to unpack, you may find yourself digging through boxes to find that one item you need. To avoid this hassle, label each box clearly with not only what items are in it but also in which room that box belongs to make unloading more efficient.

5. Keep an Inventory

Whether you have one portable storage unit or many, you would be wise to keep an inventory of what is inside. To keep track of all of your belongings, you may want to number your boxes and then list the items in each box on your inventory.
Moving can be a challenge and a time-consuming task, but with these five tips you can make the most of your Mobile On The Spot portable storage unit.