What Are Mobile Storage Units?

Created January 9, 2015

Simply put, a mobile storage unit is a time and money-saving solution for all of your moving and storage needs. Rather than hiring a moving company and paying thousands of dollars to pack up all of your belongings and cart them across town, you can rent a portable storage unit and fill it yourself. Once the unit is full, the company picks it up and delivers it to the desired location. What could be simpler than that?

Benefits of Mobile Storage Units

In addition to saving you a great deal of money over hiring a professional moving company, using a mobile storage unit, like Mobile on the Spot Storage in Greensboro, NC, provides a number of additional benefits. Some of the benefits you gain when using a mobile storage unit include:
A Flexible Timeframe — You do not have to follow the schedule of a professional moving company, which gives you a limited window to complete your move. Pack your belongings and fill the unit on your own time, and call to have it picked up when you are ready.
A Hassle-Free Option — Rather than driving across town to pick up a rental truck or worrying about how to get a giant moving truck to fit in your driveway, Mobile on the Spot Storage units are delivered right to your home.
A Versatile Storage Solution — Mobile on the Spot Storage units are not only for moving. These mobile storage units can be used during home renovations or remodels to hold all of the furniture and extra belongings that you need to keep safely out of the way.
A Convenient and Organized Move — Rather than stuffing all of your furniture and belongings into one giant moving truck, you can separate your items by room into individual portable storage units if you want. Then, when it comes time to unpack, you know where everything needs to go. Whether you are remodeling your house and need some portable storage space for your belongings or you are moving across the country, consider renting a mobile storage unit. Mobile storage units in Greensboro, NC, from Mobile on the Spot Storage will save you time and money while also providing a solution for all of your storage needs.