Pack Like a Pro – Safeguard Your Furniture

Created October 31, 2013

If you’re getting ready to move or go into storage, packing like a pro is a must to keep your belongings safe. Furniture, in particular, is one item that is frequently overlooked in terms of packing protectively.
Because of its large size, many people have a tendency to put a piece of furniture as-is in the storage unit, and then cover it with a blanket. While this may work for fabric furniture, leather and wood items are nearly guaranteed to incur scratches and knicks – not to mention that this method leaves all furniture vulnerable to tears.
Take a few extra moments to protect your furniture by packing it properly. Invest in proper moving blankets and packing tape. For wood furniture, such as desks or tables, first lay down a packing blanket, then lay the furniture flat side down. Bring up the sides of the blanket, then tape around the blanket to tightly secure it in place. If you need additional blankets, use them. Form the blankets around the shape of the piece (do not wrap tables like a big square) and securely fasten them in place with the tape.
This same principle applies to bigger items like sofas or chairs – make sure that they are fully covered with blankets or wrapping plastic, then tape the materials securely in place.
Even though the portable storage containers are a huge improvement from large moving tractor trailers, your belongings are susceptible to damage any time they are on the move. By taking the time to individually wrap them with the proper materials, you are able to protect your belongings and investment, ensuring that you can enjoy them at your new residence as much as you did in your current space.