Mobile Containers Are Perfect For Residential Storage

The Perfect Storage Solution

Call us now and Mobile On the Spot Storage will deliver a storage container in the size you desire straight to your home. Take as long as you need, pack what you can when time permits, in an organized and orderly manner, and finish on your own schedule.

Taking your time means your belongings are better organized and easier to retrieve when needed. Mobile On the Spot Storage provides you the luxury of doing it your way.
Once your property is completely packed, you have the option of keeping the container on property, where your own lock and key secures it and the contents are conveniently nearby. Or if you prefer, give us a call and Mobile On the Spot Storage will pick up the containers and deliver them safely to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse, where they will remain as long as you need.

Need items out of warehouse storage? Arrange it with a phone call! Either way, with Mobile On the Spot Storage you can be confident your items are secured by your own lock and key. Our warehouse is also secured to double your protection from theft or damage. We offer easy access to your warehouse-stored belongings with a simple 24-hour advance phone call.

When you’re ready for your Mobile On the Spot Storage containers, call 1-888-80-SPOTS. We’ll be happy to arrange delivery.
MOTSS vs storage Pods Greensboro NC
Avoid the complications and stress of traditional self-storage.

  • No more hassle of picking up and returning a rental truck, nor worry over mileage, insurance, and gasoline.
  • Load and unload your belongings one time – no need to repack for a temporary location.
  • Easy, free, convenient ground-level access – no steps or ramps!
  • Pay only for the space you use, in your choice of three sizes.
  • No need to locate a self-storage facility within driving distance.
  • No more frequent and inconvenient trips between locations.
  • Organize and configure your storage units according to your property size and storage needs – because one size does not fit all!
  • Indoor storage on our premises, for even more security and peace of mind.
  • No hidden fees or gimmicks.
  • Support local business as oppossed to big-box stores like storage Pods®.
Mobile On the Spot Storage is the easy, affordable storage option. Organize and clear your home of clutter during a home sale, remove and secure valuable property during remodeling and construction, and store belongings during temporary moves without needless packing and unpacking. Have a college student? Avoid multiple moves! Mobile On the Spot Storage is perfect for storing student belongings and furnishings during the summer months while dorms are closed.