Mobile Storage Units For Realtors and Contractors

Realtors Realtors are one of our specialties. We offer portable storage containers in and around Greensboro NC to Realtors and real estate agents. Store your client’s belongings in our affordable and secure containers when staging a home or in process of moving into new home. We can deliver and retrieve your storage items saving your client time and energy. MOTSS makes a realtors job a lot easier. MOTSS helps you put the sold sign in the yard.
Home Contractors What are the biggest headaches on a renovation/restoration site?
  • Customer complaints about disruption and mess
  • Damage claims due to personal belongings filling a construction zone
  • Theft or breakage of your own valuable materials and equipment
Reduce or eliminate these problems by offering Mobile On the Spot Storage with your renovation or restoration service contracts. The customer can store extra or valuable items away from the work zone, yet access them if need be right on site, with no effort or inconvenience to your work crew. Less site clutter means better organization, less mess and less possibility of breakage or damage claims for you, all of which add up to faster, more efficient and cost-effective jobs.Store your own site materials as well, and rest easy knowing that your valuable equipment and materials will not disappear during non-work hours. You can also safely store necessary papers, records and other materials on site to avoid hauling them constantly to the job site.

Why Mobile On the Spot Storage? Our customers are our number one business asset! We’re happy to provide you an account representative who can personally answer all your questions about the commercial account services we offer. and about how we can customize to your particular business needs. Our units are breathable yet watertight, to eliminate mold and water damage, and are secured with the property owner’s own lock and key. On-site storage is accessible by the property owners at any time. If off-site storage works better for you, units are held in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse. You can confidently assure your clients that their belongings are safely secured out of the construction zone and will be returned in the same shape in which they were stored. Off-site units are also accessible with a 24-hour advance call.We want your business! Please give us a call at 1-800-80-SPOTS and ask us about available discounts and referral bonuses.