Tips for Organizing Your Mobile Storage Unit

 Tips for Organizing Your Mobile Storage Unit
Created May 30, 2020

Using a mobile storage unit can save you time and money. However, the organizing part can take a little bit of work. What can you do to get the most out of your mobile storage unit? Here are some tips for organizing your mobile storage unit so you can use your time wisely and fit your items nicely and safely.

1. Declutter

Getting rid of things that do not need to be stored will help you reduce the amount of items you need to pack and store. This should normally be done before you start packing. Top organizers suggest going room to room and mark items that are to keep, throw away or donate. This will help you sort items to reduce unnecessary items to be packed and stored.

2. Quality Boxes Count

Boxes not only come in different sizes but also qualities. It is best to get good sturdy boxes that hold up nicely. Quality boxes will allow you to stack well and help ensure your belongings do not get damaged in transit or in storage.

3. Utilize all The Space

Space is money! You want to make sure all space is used so you can get the best out of your mobile storage unit. Heavy items should be loaded on the bottom then lighter boxes/items on top. This will allow you use space from top to bottom.

4. Fill in Empty Space

Boxes and other items should be evenly distributed. This means that you do not need to always load large appliances or furniture first. You may have to start with boxes, etc. The point is you should mix small and large items to fill in the extra space. Your goal is to utilize the most space while distributing the weight of your items throughout you mobile spot unit.