Mobile Storage Containers Allow For On Site Storage

Why store items on site?

Located in Greensboro, NC, Mobile On the Spot Storage storage containers have many uses beyond typical home storage:

  • Repairing or renovating your home? No need to risk your valuables or store them off-site. Keep them safe and available nearby in a Mobile On the Spot Storage unit until the work is completed.
  • Selling your home? Homes show best without clutter. Store belongings in an on-site unit so they’re out of the house but handy when you need them..
  • Real Estate professional? Ask us about a Mobile On the Spot Storage unit discount that references your name.
  • Commercial Developer or Contractor? Store essential materials securely right at your work site.
  • Retail Owner? Store seasonal, surplus or overstock inventory in a Mobile On the Spot Storage unit and maximize your retail floor for merchandising.
  • Charity or Non-profit Organization? Keep your event, decoration, promotion or trade show materials and equipment safe, secure, and organized until the next use in a Mobile On the Spot Storage unit.
  • Flood and fire damage.

Have large items or a large amount to store? Try the 8′ x 16′ unit. Is space a concern on your property? An 8′ x 10′ or 8′ x 15′ unit may be a better choice for you. Hate digging through huge storage containers to find specific items?

Consider multiple units to simplify content organization. With units in three sizes, you can use as many as you like in whatever size you prefer, allowing for maximum flexibility on your property. And of course, you are free to add or delete units whenever circumstances require.