Dos and Don’ts in Moving and Storage According to Professional Movers

Created February 23, 2012

According to the professional movers of Move Me Joe Moving and Storage company, having to move your household goods should not mean taking everything you have with you. They encourage people to instead use the move as an opportunity to streamline one’s belongings and shed off all unnecessary baggage that has accumulated through the years.

It is time to sort through what is needed and what is not. Only the essentials should be transported since moving and storage costs are based on the quantity of belongings being transported.

Prioritizing one’s needs will mean not only savings in moving costs but also possible extra income. If you sell your excess stuff in a garage sale you can actually convert them into cash.

All items left unsold can be donated to charity. The items that have special significance to you, on the other hand, can be given as gifts to the friends you will be leaving behind.With less items to pack, your preparations can be easier. You will also have less to unpack when you reach your destination. There will likewise be less problems in fitting  your stuff into your new accommodations.

Food should not have to be transported. It is cheaper to purchase your food stock at your destination. You should use up or give away your food before you go.

Make sure that all your important private documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passports and property titles are kept safe in your hand luggage, as with your jewelry and other portable valuables.