Corporate Moving Services

Corporate Moving Services - Why Choose Mobile on the Spot?

Created February 24, 2020

Let us handle your local and long-distance moves! Whether it’s moving to a new location or moving inventory, supplies and furniture among existing business locations, our professional movers can help you do it all.

Call us now and Mobile On the Spot Storage will deliver containers, in the size and quantity you desire, straight to your business. Take as long as you need, pack what you can when time permits, in an organized and orderly manner, and finish on your own schedule. Discover you’ve packed something you can’t do without? No problem, just retrieve it from the unit on your property.

Mobile On the Spot Storage provides your company the luxury of doing it your way. Need help packing? For an additional fee we can arrange movers for you as well. Once your company’s property is completely packed, let us know, and Mobile On the Spot Storage will pick up the containers and deliver them safely to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse, where they will remain until you’re ready for delivery to your new location

Need items out of warehouse storage? Arrange it with a 24-hour advance phone call!